Orange Drop, drop top

Audrey Ortiz, Staff Writer

February 2, 2018

    The Redlands committee came together to host the first ever Orange Drop in downtown Redlands.

    At the Orange Drop there were activities such as a DJ, dancing, and a few vendors, as well as various restaurants downtown providing VIP sections for people wanting to view the Orange Drop.

    This event was inspired by the pinecone drop in Flagstaff Arizona. It began at 6 PM and ended after midnight. This is a new tradition that Redlands hopes to be bringing to the city. Towards the beginning of the night, hardly any people were in downtown either to admire it or to stop by and see what it was about. It was not until later in the night that the street began to flood with people wanting a good view of the Orange Drop. The streets began to fill around 11 o’clock, when the restaurants encouraged people to now leave the restaurant and see the Orange Drop. The vendors included cotton candy and selling orange hats.

    A few of Redlands’ already popular downtown attractions were found to be very popular during the Orange Drop, including the arch of lights in the alley and the Christmas tree. Among the decorations that downtown had. They also closed down half of State Street for this event and many other small businesses were open for people to enjoy or pop into when the cold December became too unbearable.

    Restaurants including “Speak Easy” and “The State” were just some of the places that provided VIP sections for people to reserve ranging anywhere from 125 to 165 dollars. This also included preferred VIP parking, a live band, a dessert bar, and drinks and champagne available for purchase to ring in the new year.

    Dancing, music, and happiness filled the air of downtown as the streets began to pack with people filling in spots to see the Orange Drop. They stopped the music five minutes before to flip the switch to see the orange, lighting it up in orange and green lights exposing the orange balloons that filled the inside.

    When the countdown began, the orange began to descend. At the strike of twelve the orange opened revealing a neon sign that read “2018” in bright orange numbers. Orange balloons filled the air and floor as people cheered and kissed and yelled out to bring in the new year in rejoice.

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