Les Chanteuses

Samantha Dobey, Staff Writer

February 2, 2018   

 Les Chanteuses is a female show choir taught by Mr. Diaz. Several members of Les Chanteuses spoke about their experiences in the choir.

    Gabby Sy, sophomore, says that Les Chanteuses has, “opened her eyes to how music can really affect someone’s life.” Deborah Panggabean, sophomore, says that Les Chanteuses has allowed her to, “meet so many new friends.”

    Both these girls say they have “gained a new family through music.”

    Speaking in more competitive terms, this year, LC has participated in a festival, choir concert, and a retreat.

    Their first festival this year took place on November 16 and was held at University of Redlands. The choir concert was in Clock Auditorium on October 10.

    During the second week of school, the show choir spent a weekend away. This year the retreat took place in Palm Desert ad was from August 18 to 20. Deborah says, “retreat is a time of singing, having fun, and bonding.” Deborah adds on by saying, “we spend our time in lip sync battles and simp time.”

    LC has  been spending majority of their time preparing and rehearsing for their choir concert on December 5. This year, Les Chanteuses has been provided with new apparel. The program has been changed their outfits by getting new dresses. Every year, the choir goes on tour to compete with other show choirs. This year, the choir will be going to San Francisco from April 7 to 10.

    When asked, what do you enjoy most about LC, Deborah says, “I wouldn’t want to end my day anywhere else. Everyone can relate so if you have a bad day, they can help you out.”

    Les Chanteuses appears to be an enjoyable experience, according to Deborah and Gabby. One fact is undeniable however, and it is Les Chanteuses continued success.

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