Food for Redlands

Daniel Godinez, Staff Writer

February 2, 2018


    Food class is having their “1st Annual Culinary Cook-off” with the mayor of Redlands, and other special guests as judges.

    The event started Thursday, November 16, 2nd Period. This was a one day event where students from Ms. del Rosario’s Food II and Advance classes made Disney themed food. There were six teams of two to three students, they were given thirty to  thirty-five minutes to cook, plate, and present their food to the judges. Six different teams means six different Disney themes. The six Disney themed foods are from Aladdin, Lilo and Stitch, Lion King, Mulan, Princess and the Frog, and The Feast. The winning team received pizza from the ASB, and the entire Advance Culinary of Arts Class received a certificate . Before the event started, Jenna Foster, one of the cooks in this event said, “I feel anxious yet excited, because we have to act professional and cook meals in front of important figures in the Redlands community.”

    Sergeant Marmolejo has contacted Ms. del Rosario, the Culinary Arts teacher, to see if she was interested in getting her Foods Advanced Combination Class to participate in its’ “1st Annual Culinary Cook-off .” He said, “I personally felt that this event is a great opportunity for the Department of Safety to reach out to the students in a different capacity, build a positive interaction rapport through a different lens besides the enforcement aspects of a Safety Department. This also gives our own RHS students an opportunity to interact with the Department of Safety and our city official judges during an intense competition at a different level coming from our own City of Redlands and Redlands Unified School District dignitaries.  Ms. del Rosario was able to confirm that her students were excited to participate in the 1st Annual Culinary Cook-off.”

    Sergeant Marmolejo had contacted the judges for this event, they are Mr. Mauricio Arellano, Redlands Unified School District Superintendent, Mr. Jim O’Neal, Redlands Unified School District School Board Member, Ms. Kate Bartells, Redlands High School Principal, Chief Mark Garcia, Redlands Police Department, and Mr. Paul Foster, City of Redlands Mayor.

    As the event came to a close, a winner was decided, Andrew Zubia and Bailey Valcarcel are the winners of the Cook-off event, with their Disney theme food based on Mulan. Bailey Valcarcel said, “I was really excited and honored to win in front of the mayor and everyone that participated.”

    When the event was over Ms. del Rosario was asked if she could see this happening next year, she said, “Probably. The first time is always the hardest, and there are aspects you need to think about in terms of how to prepare for it, how to conduct it, and who will be involved in the judging.”

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