Unknown places on our campus

Mason Buckwalter, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

    Redlands High School is one that is larger than most other school campuses near us, with an enormous campus.

    As a campus so huge that a street goes through the middle, there has to be some areas of the big campus that not every student knows about.

    The first unknown location that everyone at RHS might not know about is the so-called “bomb shelter” located under the the library and English department. The secret room was supposedly built as a bomb shelter during the Cold War in the 50s and 60s, but has since been transformed into a storage unit. There is not anything of interest in the storage room but old relics of the past such as old trophies and class pictures of past graduating classes. Besides that, the so called “bomb shelter” is just cleaning supplies and forgotten items no one seems to use anymore.

    Surely most of the the student population has been inside of Clock Auditorium, however the general population only fills into the seats and does not know about the existence of the basement. Clock was built around the 1920’s and includes its own basement. The way to access the basement is by going under the stage and down steep steps.

    However, there is not much to see in the basement but storage for the theatre programs props and costumes. Another room many do not venture into is the dressing room in Clock auditorium which is used exactly for its original purpose: a dressing room for the theatre students. There is also the props storage room that is above the stage that most do not go into unless they are a part of the theatre program.

    Unknown to a large majority of the students at Redlands High School, there is a small selection of functioning restrooms that aren’t normally open for use. The bathrooms located by Clock auditorium and the 1-14 wing are usually always closed off for some unknown reason. There is also another bathroom located inside Grace Mullen that is connected to room 66 that is not easily accessible, paired with the bathroom inside Clock Auditorium.

    An interesting fact that many students do not know is that the tree ring near the student store holds a secret. There is a giant block of stone in the tree ring that is the last remaining original piece of RHS built in 1891.

Another unknown fact is located by the boys locker room and the P.E. numbers is a giant cement wall that was used as a stop for runaway trucks that came barreling down the street, but no longer serves that function.

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