Samuel Marmolejo

Jessica Sanchez, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

    Junior Samuel Marmolejo is in a band and has a very interesting story about his life.

    When he was fourteen years old he found out that he had cancer. It was a malignant tumor in his back. He refused to use chemotherapy altogether, and used alternative care method: hemp oil.

    When he was diagnosed, his doctors were unsure what stage his tumor was at. Sam says “it made my life a mystery” when he was diagnosed. “My family really just wanted get it done and over with” replied Sam. When asked how having cancer changed his life, he replied with,  “ it makes you have to take a step back and look at life from a different perspective,” which is such an amazing outlook on this. Cancer is never seen as a positive thing but one can change their outlook on it and make the best out of what they were given.

    When asked if he got tired of the looks of pity he received when he told someone he has cancer, he said “I don’t usually tell people, I’m no different than anyone else”. This answer makes one think maybe no one wishes to be looked at in pity. The hemp oil was the only thing that Sam used and he is now cancer free. When asked to describe the hardest part of cancer, Sam said, “it would have to be the initial shock you don’t know what is going to happen.”

    The message he would like to give those who are going through the same thing is, “don’t take what the doctor tells you what your future is going to be, look for something different.” This is such a moving message to tell people. Nobody ever wants to be known as the person who has cancer or to be the black sheep out of everyone they know. He is just like anyone else that one might know he just had a little set back.

    When asked if he felt like the universe had it out for him “at first yeah but after awhile life is a challenge.”

    Samuel says that the three most important things to him are: “his faith, his art, and the people in his life.” He is inspired by the punk rock movement of the 70’s- 80’s. He wishes to be remembered for who his future children become. He now dreams of the future he see himself as a general family man.

    He has done many things he had never thought was possible but, “ No cancer didn’t stop me from doing anything yet the back problems afterwards have.” Many of the students here are able to do whatever they please,  yet some are unable to do to because of injuries or something that happened to them. As healthy kids, we don’t really understand how hard it is to not know if we would get to this time in our life.

    Yet Sam does understand this, and he never thought he would get to this point in his life. Samuel says, “Everyone may not be what they seem, and being yourself is truly the best thing you can be life, be a freak, be a weirdo, truly, the most important thing in life. Also, leave people alone, personal preference is a thing let people do their own thing.”

    This statement is very important and has such rewarding message and we need to let people do what they wish to do.

    Sam is a very unique person and his story is very interesting and heartwarming. It tugs at the heartstrings of  the people who are moved by his story. Along with being an overall good person and wonderful friend, Sam should be seen as an inspiration.

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