Double the love

Chelsey Romo, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

    Sophomore Victoria Fletcher and Senior Thomas Fletcher are siblings are Redlands High School who enjoy being involved at school and each others company.

    Having a sibling that goes to the same school can have it’s pros and cons, however, Victoria and Thomas enjoy going to the same school and meeting new people. Victoria has always liked going to school, having Radio Astronomy with Mr. Devoe, to be her favorite class. She has a passion for Radio Astronomy because she loves space.

    During her free time she enjoys drawing, doing barre or playing video games. Since she enjoys drawing and art, she has her own YouTube channel where she shows her creativity.

    One of the things she likes about high school is the fact of meeting all kinds of people, which is why she likes to stay involved in doings sports and clubs, such as the Environmental Club. She was also part of the Track and Field team last year because of her brother and friends, where she did sprints. One of her short term goals is to improve her art and get good grades. For her future, she hopes to be working in Radio Astronomy and getting a secondary degree in art.

    She states that she is similar to her brother by the sense of humor they both share, and different by her being more outgoing. Although they have differences she states “I love being the younger sister because I can always go to my big brother for help in things he already knows.”

    Thomas Fletcher is a senior at Redlands High School who also enjoys school. His favorite subject is Cyber Security, as he plans to go into the NSA for a future career. One of the things they both have in common is that they do track. “I find it a good way to relieve stress and meet new people,” he says. During his free time he enjoys playing video games, like his sister, and lifting weights. Thomas is also president of the Cyber Engineering Club.

    For his short term goal he hopes to get good grades this semester. For his future, he plans on working in private business for Cyber Security. This is because he plans on joining NSA/CIA first to get them on his resume.

    Thomas and Victoria Fletcher have a good brother-sister relationship. They have many common interests and have always been very close their whole lives.

    Thomas states, “I enjoy making jokes and just spending time with her in general.”  He also states that one pro of her attending the same school as him, would be in the case of an emergency, he would be able to reach her quickly. “There are really no cons in having her attend the same school as me.”

    Victoria states, “I enjoy spending time with my brother, whether it’s playing video games or just driving to school. We are pretty funny together so it’s always a great time.” She also states that there are really no cons in being in high school together, like her brother, and that a pro would be that “I can always ask him about school stuff and a ride to school.”

    They both have many long term goals, Victoria’s being financially stable so she can travel often and Thomas’s being, to make enough money so he can have the ability to retire early.

    When asked if they are ever compared to each other Victoria says, “Nope, sometimes in humor, but rarely,” while Thomas has a similar response in saying “Not really, we both live our lives.”

    Victoria and Thomas Fletcher always have each others back and set a good sibling relationship. They might have arguments like normal siblings do, but always try to get along with one another. They are both hard working students who plan on having a happy future with careers they have a passion for.

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