We have better test scores

Cyrus Final, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

    One memorable event from our RHS/REV rivalry history is from the 2013-2014 school year.

    When REV won the Smudge Pot game, RHS screamed “we have better test scores!” RHS has held that mantra for years.

    RHS’ test scores are in a class by itself compared to the rest of Redlands Unified School District. The sports rivalry between RHS and REV pales in comparison when it comes to academics. The District data includes all three high schools: RHS, REV, and CV.

    Data from exams including AP, SAT and CAASPP, which stands for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, and is the Smarter Balanced test for for English and math Common Core standards, prove RHS is in the lead.

    RHS put up higher percentages in every aspect—a big part of this was the way RHS works together—from the students to the teachers to admin, all the way up to Ms.Kate Bartells, the woman in charge at RHS.

    Here is what the data shows: RHS had 886 testers for AP exams in 2017 and boasts a 78% pass rate.  REV tested 1095 and has a 47% pass rate, and CV tested 1083 and has a 51% pass rate.

    For the SAT exam, RHS tested 77% of their students and 72% passed one or both portions of the SAT. REV tested 82% and has a 66% passing rate and CV tested 77% and has a 62% passing rate for one or both portions of the test.

    The results from CAASPP shows RHS at 79.6% (ELA) and 52.7% (math) at Meets or Exceeds Standards. REV has 67.7% (ELA) and 40.8% (math), while CV has 75.6% (ELA) and 47.1% (math) at Meets or Exceeds Standards.

    2017 is not an isolated year. RHS has had measurable growth for the past few years in most areas tested, and has beat REV and CVHS time and time again.

    Principal Bartells had this to say about our test scores “I could not be more proud of the accomplishments of our students and staff. We have had many changes since I arrived: new curriculum in math and English 9-11, new state tests, higher enrollment in our A.P. classes. Yet the Terriers continue to grow, improve, and top other area schools.”

    RHS has very high expectations, which seem to help our students. “Teachers are teaching the curriculum with fidelity, yet creating lessons that are challenging and engaging.  They do not shy away from hard work!” Bartells said.

    “Our teachers maintain consistently high expectations, and our students rise to meet them. Overall, I am thrilled with our test scores.  Although tests only measure one aspect of learning, it is certainly wonderful to see our students succeed, knowing how hard that they and their teachers work every day,” Bartells said.

    It is difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons RHS continuously scores the highest in the District. Some claim it is the students, others, the teaching. “Most of the score is because of students and teachers. But a small piece of our test scores are the responsibility of the district and site administration, for helping secure the right curriculum for our students, and ensuring that it is being delivered in every classroom,” Bartell said.

    “We [teachers and administrators] use scores from the previous year, and scores on common assessments, to help us predict how our students will perform on test scores.  Rather than develop plays, our teachers work together to find gaps in learning, and make sure to address them before the test!”

    According to Bartells, all three high school principals do discuss school site test scores.

    “Of course, there is the usual good-natured competition. But we talk about things that our teachers are doing that help improve learning, and share ideas.”

    Mrs. Bartells praises the students, teachers and the district saying “Most of the scores are because of students and teachers, but a small piece of our test scores are the responsibility of the district and site administration, for helping secure the right curriculum for our students, and ensuring that it is being delivered in every classroom.”

    Test scores are very important for the school in many ways including our upcoming WASC certification. WASC stands for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and they are the accrediting body for our region.

    “WASC accreditation is a school improvement process and therefore is a process that serves as the foundation for quality education. An accredited school is a statement to the broader community and the stakeholders that it is trustworthy institution for student learning and committed to ongoing improvement.”

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