Rest in peace, Krikorian

Jenna Foster, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

    On September 1, 2017, Krikorian, a historic staple of Redlands which first opened in 1997, has come to its end.

    Presumably, Harkins, located in Mountain Grove, lead to Krikorian’s downfall. The well-known movie theater has been replaced with Studio Movie Grill (SMG); once relaunched in 2018, the luxury cinema will be furnished with recliners that includes a varied American menu that is delivered to the guests’ seats when ordered any time throughout the movie.

    During the transition, SMG will continue to operate all existing auditoriums with 100% reserved seating. Following the relaunch in 2018, their website says that the new location will feature over 1,200 luxury recliners in 14 auditoriums equipped with the latest digital projection, Dolby 3D, studio extreme large format auditoriums, and Q-SYS custom sound systems.

    In comparison to Harkins, Studio Movie Grill offers 100% reserved seating through a theater kiosk, box office, or online, allowing one to choose specific seating locations for their desired movie and show time.

    The business plans to operate the theater “with the same care and attention you’ve come to expect from Krikorian Premiere Theatres, with the added convenience of 100 percent reserved seating for a stress-free trip to the movies.”

    Studio Movie Grill is a company dedicated to community outreach. By contributing to issues impacting their teams, families, and friends, SMG wishes for their involvement to extend past the walls of their theaters, “with an authentic and clear vision to make the world a better place by opening hearts and minds, one story at a time.”

    As stated by the company, “[m]ovies are one of the most powerful storytelling mediums in today’s society. They trigger a memory or an emotion, take us on a transformative journey that shapes our worldview, or introduce us to the complexities and highlights of the human condition. Perhaps as important as the movies we watch are the memories we create while sharing a meal together.”

    In accordance with their beliefs, they have created the One Story Movement™, leveraging a platform for the company to use their power to do good. With 24 locations in 9 states, SMG will host over 11 million guests in 2017. By ordering through one of their menus marked with the SMG Chefs for Children badge, Studio Movie Grill will donate 5% of the proceeds to non-profits serving Special Needs Children.

    According to the SMG website, there are four different types of seats to sit at. “Table A and B seats share a table surface that offer either a desk style chair or stationary chair option. Countertop seats share a counter space for all parties on that row and offer a desk style chair option. The lounge seat with a tray table is a stationary chair that include a built-in tray table as well as a more expansive seating area. The reclining lounge seat with a tray table is a stationary chair that include a built-in tray table and the ability to power recline your chair. A matter of personal preference, all four seating options provide an exceptional dining and viewing experience” (

    Looking back on the Krikorian website, the company reminisces their 20 years of evidently being a significant part of the Redlands Community, as it had always been a major attraction.

    Krikorian sends their best wishes to the new movie theater, and bids a farewell to the audience, “If you miss clapping along to something before a movie, our Krikorian policy trailer can still be viewed before every show at our Buena Park Metroplex 18 and San Clemente Cinema 6 Locations.”

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