North campus blues

Samantha Dobey, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

    A topic for RHS is North Campus and the related issues of the restrooms on North Campus.

    RHS is comprised of two campuses, North and South. Many students visit both campuses and utilize the resources of each.

    Mr. Ruhm, the assistant principal, says the restrooms are, “Cleaned thoroughly daily and “touched up,” checked on twice a day.”

    While this may be true, Ernesto Torres, an eleventh grader says that when he walks into the restroom, the first thing that he sees are, “overfilled trash cans with paper towels…drawings or writings marked on the walls.”

    Not only is cleanliness an apparent issue in the restrooms, it seems as though when someone tries to use the resources in the restrooms, it is typically missing. Geovanny Castillo, an eleventh grader says, “soap is usually missing and paper towels as well.”

    Based on the students we interviewed, it seems likely that the restrooms are just not stocked enough. Mr. Ruhm says, “It is a heavily used restroom so it is possible that it was stocked in the morning and everything was used. If there is every anything missing, come to North Campus office and we will get it restocked immediately.” Whereas one may have the time to go to North Campus and ask for supplies, most students don’t.

    The time when students are expected to use the restroom is during the nine minute passing period. Already, if one were to add up the time it takes to cross campus and arrive at the next class, plus the time used to use the restroom, they are cutting it pretty close to being late. In the midst of all this, if students are expected to go to the office and ask for soap or other supplies, they are likely to guarantee themselves a spot in terrier detainment.

    The lack of paper towels, soap, toilet paper, etc. is an external issue, students expect to be dealt with. However, the drawing and marking on walls, is an internal issue which students can take the responsibility on.

    Just as students are expected to use the restroom during passing period, students expect the restrooms to contain all the supplies necessary for them.

    Keeping up with the topic of North Campus restrooms, the question arises of why don’t the restrooms gain the attention they need? Mr. Ruhm says, “They get as much attention as the other restrooms on campus.” When it comes down to it, what restrooms on campus are really up to the standards they should be at?

    Moving on from restrooms and entering a more generalized topic which is why North Campus is closed during lunch.

    North Campus being closed for lunch is, as Geovanny says because you cannot, “hang around.” Ernesto expands on this when he says, “students aren’t allowed to hang outside rooms.”

    Changing the perspective from student to administration, Mr. Ruhm says the reason North is closed during lunch is because, “There is no need to have it open for lunch.  There is plenty of room on South Campus for everyone. Students may go to North to go to a classroom.”

    While that is an accurate reason, if students are already going to North Campus for lunch due to clubs, talking to teachers, or simply just to eat lunch in a classroom, then why can’t the campus just be open?

    There are two campuses, but only one open for lunch. Why should students be restricted just because there is ‘enough’ space on one campus?

    At the end of the day, students generally use restrooms and they are likely to continue using them even with the conditions they must endure.

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