Zachary Ring

Chelsey Romo, Staff Writer

September 22, 2017

     Junior student athlete Zachary Ring has been involved in RHS activities and sports and this year is one of four male cheerleaders.

    He joined cheer as a  freshman and has been in it ever since.

    Zach joined cheer because he likes to do flips, to perform and to work with girls. In cheer, he learns many skills such  as teamwork, endurance and responsibility.

    Zach is also in varsity football. He plays as an outside linebacker.

    In order to be able to do both cheer and football, Zach has to keep a steady balance. He only cheers in competitions and goes to  practice once a week before football. And as in football, he plays on game days. He enjoys the physicality and mental strength it requires.

    Zach says, “If you have the heart in what you’re doing you can do it.”

    “Zach is a hard-working, positive  person all the time. He tries to get other people to participate,  especially at football games now that he is on the team. And he always motivates others,” said friend and Junior Jessica Sanchez.

    In his free time, Zach enjoys binge watching Netflix. Some of the shows he watches include The Flash and Arrow, but his favorite would have to be Arrow.

    Zach,  being a  great athlete, has great plans for his future. However, the first he says is to “graduate high school with no regrets.”

    “He is that friend that everyone wants. He is always there when you need him. He is always one of the first ones on the field, one of the last ones to leave. He starts with  cheer then he goes right after that to football,” says Sanchez.

    He does not have a specific college he has in mind yet, but is sure that he wants to go to a UC school.  “I’m looking forward to independence and meeting new people,” he says. He is inspired to be different and states that he just wants to be happy in the future.

    Sanchez says “In 10 years, he is probably going to be graduated from college, probably working, doing his best at his job, motivating people there and being an overall good person.”

   Three of the things that are most important to him in his life are his parents for supporting and providing for him, the people that motivate him and his cat named Sally because he always has someone to come home to.  By being involved at RHS Zach says, “I’ve learned how to push through pain, commit, and deal with all kinds of people.”

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