Jock talk

Anna Forteza, Managing Editor

September 22, 2017

Q: What qualities does your team have this year that others don’t?

Nikita Friche (Tennis): “Our tennis team has a lot of depth and spirit this year and as long as we keep that up and stay motivated, we’re going to be able to move forward and progress really well.”

Isaiah Zamora (Football): “A quality that our team has compared to previous years is that, despite all challenges, we try to overcome them as a team.”

Kennedy Huston (Golf): “A quality that our team has this year is the amount of new golfers. Many people have never played golf before so i’m enjoying watching them progress as the season goes on.”

Alex Mayer and Vashti Elias (Girls Volleyball): “This year we are working harder to come together and play as a team and not individuals.”

Andrew  Garcia (Boys  XC): “This year our team is well bonded and more committed than ever. We make up for our small size with our speed and strategy.”

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