Homecoming, here we come

Daniel Godinez, Staff Writer

September 22, 2017

    The things you need to know about ASB involvement in the Homecoming weekend.

    The Homecoming weekend will have eight different events, Homecoming Block Party, Rally, Spirit Walls, Spirit Wall Judging, Court, Football Game, Halftime Show, and the Dance.

    The Block Party is a tradition that has been going on for nine years. Students get to socialize with other students, while doing activities and buy food that isn’t normally on campus. Other students come here to promote their club to other students and fundraise money for their clubs. There is a DJ that plays music during the Block Party, and the Rally will come afterwards in the stadium. ASB’s Clubs Commissioner contacts all active clubs and organizes the locations and provides the needs for each club for the event. They are also in charge of promoting the entire event.

    The Rally is after the Block Party, and promotes the Football Game. ASB’s Pep Commission plans the rally, which normally take two or three months in advance to plan.

    ASB and other students paint four murals, one mural for each class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. These are known as “Spirit Walls”. 12th grader, Ashley Jeon, executive president, oversee classes with mural and ideas, and 11th grader, Yulissa Navarro, executive vice president, helps the sophomore class with their homecoming Spirit Wall. 11th grader, Connor Taylor, Junior Class President, his class is to paint spirit walls that coordinates with the theme.

    The Spirit Walls tradition started seven years ago, when there was a movement of mural paintings on campus. Mrs. Baker, ASB Advisor and English teacher said, “The idea is that they are representative of each class and stay up all year in a location that is front and center for students to view. Many students will come up to their ‘class wall’ and take group photos in front of them throughout the year. They seem to embrace that it’s their class’ wall.”

    After the Spirit Walls are done, the ASB’s Social Commission contacts both administrators at this school, and from the district. Once they are done judging, they give a score based on their unbiased critique, and the winner will be announced at the rally.

    The Homecoming Court, is where students can vote for their class’ Homecoming King and Queen by logging into the 5-Star program. ASB’s Students Relations Commission organizes the nominations and voting on the 5-Star program and contacts all of the nominees to organize the practice for the Homecoming Halftime Show. For seniors they vote for the Homecoming King and Queen, while the other classes vote for the Homecoming Prince and Princess.

    The Student Government will be decorating the stadium for the Homecoming Football game.

    Athletics Commissioner, 12th grader, Isaiah Zamora, organizes the Homecoming Halftime Show during the Homecoming Football game. Weeks are spent getting vote for nominees for the Homecoming Court.

    Once the votes are in the Athletic Commissioner with the help of the Students Relations Commission practice with all of the participants and their parents, for the halftime show. The Athletics Commission is ordering fireworks for the halftime show, and crowns, flowers, and sashes for the nominees and winners.

    The Homecoming Dance is the last event of the Homecoming weekend. Setup by the ASB’s Social Commission, they are in charge of finding the location for the dance and creating a theme for the dance. They have a company that helps them with the booking of the venue and all of the vendors used. “The dance has the longest planning timeline of all of our Homecoming events.  We begin the planning process almost a year ahead of time. We start by finding a venue that will cater to what we need out of this type of event. Then we work with a company to book the DJ and other vendors for the dance. About two months before we have to develop a theme with colors and create posters and decide on the pricing of the dance” said Mrs. Baker.

    What kind of behind-the-scenes work/difficulties must be accomplished to make Homecoming events successful? Ms. Baker said “Lots of preplanning! The venue is picked by winter break the year before and we start planning right then. All aspects of the event are usually two to three months in the making. As for the difficulties behind planning this entire Homecoming weekend? Mrs. Baker said, “There are so many little things that need to be remembered and we have some many students in charge of so many aspects that it becomes a little overwhelming to make sure everything is getting done. Thankfully our Student Government students take their work seriously and are personally invested in making sure all of the events get completed. We really want to make sure that our student body has a great time during this week.”

    As Homecoming is getting closer and the Student Government is working on the events, one last question was asked.

What should people know if they are interested in attending Homecoming events? Mrs. Baker said “Student Government works really hard during this week because we want every RHS student to go to the events and create lasting memories. The Block Party is free and so is the mural painting, so if they want to get their hands dirty and help with the spirit walls please come after school to the student stage and help out!  The football game is free if you have an ASB punch or is $7 and the dance starts at $55.” Homecoming is coming quickly, so try and attend the various events that ASB has planned for the students.

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