Ashley Houghton

Jessica Sanchez, Staff Writer

September 22, 2017

     Senior Ashley Houghton is a soccer player and is the only female football player at RHS.

    An athlete for most of her life, Ashley’s greatest sport is soccer. “I’m really passionate about soccer. I’ve been playing for 13 years,” she said.

    As a child, Ashley contemplated the future and saw a connection  with sports from an early age. When she was younger, her plans were to be, “A professional wrestler because I used to watch Bad Girls Club and I always wanted to be on there.”

    She recently joined the RHS varsity football team.

    One word that describes Ashley is courageous.  Playing as one of the boys, Ashley is only the fourth female football player in RHS history.  She plays the positions of kicker and running back.

    Her beginnings in football are a little unconventional. She was inspired  by a family member, “My little brother [encouraged me], because he’s  always tried new things and he told me to go play football.”

    Being the only female out on the field for practices and games has come with its challenges. The sport  remains one of the most male-dominated sports today. “It was weird in the beginning because I only knew few guys on the team, now they all just treat me like a football player.”

    When asked about it, Ashley said originally “no one thought I was going to do it.” She has proven to everyone she can do much more than what they thought.

    With a new head coach, this season will surely thrill and surprise Terrier Town. Ashley thinks the team has excellent leadership. “Our captains right now are great people on and off the field,” she said.

   Ashley’s bravery and determination have fueled her towards success. “If I had to do one thing for the rest of my life it would be soccer and I had to sacrifice it for football,” she said.

   Her football goals are very clear. This year, she wants only one thing: “To beat REV,” she said.

   Ashley’s goal this year is to obtain a soccer scholarship and play while in college.

   Ashley’s most inspired by her family.“My dad, he’s always been there for me because my mom wasn’t always, so he’s always been my rock.”

    Aside from sports, Ashley enjoys “RBS, food, and my family” and her personal motto is “I get stuff done.”

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