5 out of 5 stars

Yosef Al-Emeri, Opinions Editor

September 22, 2017

    Redlands High School– an in-depth analysis of 5 Star Student’s implementation at Redlands High School and the services it provides to the student body.

    5 Star Students is a computer application that keeps track of student data in regards to participation in school events and activities; it was created by a former activities director and was then introduced to Redlands High School by current activities director Alisa Beal and ASB advisor Katie Baker.

    The entire premise of 5 Star Students is that it is a program designed to incentivise students into participating frequently at numerous school activities. When a student goes to, for example, a school sports match or dance, they will have their ID cards  scanned, which serves as a proof of their attendance and provides a reward of points on their 5 Star Student’s account.

    These points serve as a currency to purchase exclusive Redlands High School merchandise, such as front of the line passes for dances, special food items, and various Terrier spirit items; these merchandise can be purchased at 5 Star Student booths stationed on the student stage at lunch.

    Alongside these goods, is a hefty reward for students who are extremely active at school events, as the top 3 students with the most points earned receive a free copy of Makio, the Redlands High School yearbook.

    In conjunction with these goods is the poll voting system 5 Star Students offers to students. With it students can vote for various categories, such as teacher of the month, homecoming, and taste and preference polls.

    These rewards and polling system are intended to encourage positive behavior of students by getting them more involved they are at school, which in turn, decreases likelihood they have of dropping out of high school before graduating. This, coupled with the fact that the rewards make it more desirable for students to engage in high school activities, show that the primary concern behind 5 Star Students was the well-being of the students.

    In fact, Mrs. Beal and Mrs. Baker both purchased the 5 Star program in order to help them reach their goal of better unifying the school. With significant  activities occurring on a daily basis at Redlands High School, the 5 Star Students application helps students become aware that they too can be a part of it.

    The impact of the 5 Star Student’s has been gradually making itself more and more apparent, as student participation at school events has been shown to slowly climbing since the application’s introduction. This is most especially true with the annual Mahalo dance, as there has been an extremely large student turnout rate for the past couple of years.

    Another benefit of the 5 Star Students program, is that it is one of the main factors behind the continuous increase of school spirit on campus, as students appear to more prideful of Redlands High School than several years ago; this is apparent as a huge amount of students participate in school spirit week by wearing themed clothing.

    To take advantage of these perks, students should know that in order to access 5 Star Students, they can either visit the homepage on RHS and click on the link or download the application on a phone.

    The only information required for students to access the application is their permanent ID and birthday.

    Another great aspect of the 5 Star Student’s application, is the convenience and accessibility it provides to teachers. With the app, teachers can easily maintain clubs, sports, and events.

    As the utility of the application grows, it provides more data and services for the Associated Student Body to use in order to continue improving the school.

    Currently, 5 Star Student’s is being configured in order to provide  more benefits, such as allowing club advisors to know when members attend club meetings and adding additional polls to get students involved even more.

    For now, Mrs. Beal and Mrs. Baker envision that 5 Star Students will continue to be used to keep students involved and they believe that 5 Star Students will maintain a strong usage throughout the years.

    5 Star Students is liked by both students and teachers because of the many benefits it has to offer.

    The program has an incentive system to increase student participation, along with an event tracking system to assist students in attending these events.

    Then there is the voting system which allows students to vote for various school related polls which helps create a tighter bond between the student body and the school.

    With that tighter bond comes the  beneficial side effect of increased school spirit and student turnout, which is one of the major reasons as to why Mrs. Beal and Mrs. Baker decided on implementing the application.

    So far, 5 Star Students has been meeting Mrs. Beal and Mrs. Bakers’ goals, the application can only continue to improve from here on out. With all those benefits offered students and teachers, it is entirely plausible that 5 Star Students will become an integral aspect of Redlands.

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