Weak links?

Brittney Lopez, Staff Writer

September 22, 2017

    Link Crew is one of the many clubs at RHS, of which its purpose of Link Crew is to help transition freshmen into their first year of high school. This raises the question if Link Crew actually does assist freshmen in their transition to high school.

    Link Crew is a student oriented club where students join with the intention of mentoring their peers, along with focusing on connecting and interacting with freshmen in order to accommodate their needs.

    The demographic of Link Crew leaders consist mainly of juniors and seniors. Their job is to make sure the freshmen feel welcomed, and to do so, they host events such as “Cocoa and Cram.”

    The way in which Link Crew operates is that a pair of leaders are assigned to a group of freshmen all year long and are supposed to keep in touch with them.

    However, other students, such as sophomore Anissa Oliva, argued that Link Crew leaders did make a difference, as she told us “Yes they were beneficial.”

    When asked if Link Crew was beneficial in their freshman year, junior Victoria (Tori) Padilla responded “No. The Link Crew leaders did not stay in touch over the course of the year.” Tori believes that the link crew leaders did not make a difference.

    Students were then asked if they felt comfortable asking their Link Crew leader for help throughout the year, Tori said “No, because I was a scared little freshman and I didn’t feel  comfortable talking to the older kids.”

    Some students, such as Tori, do not feel comfortable talking to someone outside of their age group, especially when they are people they don’t know.

    Other students have different outlooks on Link Crew, based on varying factors, a notable one being personality. In fact, Olivia Anissa believes that the kind personality of the Link Crew leaders shows through the way they communicate as she said that she,“felt comfortable since they were really


    Yet there are some students who believe that Link Crew is both a gimmick and an excuse for students make their transcripts look better.

    With thoughts like these roaming around campus, it raises the question if Link Crew leaders volunteer out of their generosity and genuine care for the wellness of the freshmen’s comfortability at high school.

    I am not stating this to either rock the boat or propose that all Link crew leaders are there for self-interested reasons, but the reasons for which students join Link Crew may be that of an ulterior motive. Although I am absolutely positive that there are upperclassmen out there that genuinely care about the wellbeing of their peers.

    The most notable issue with Link Crew is the compromise when some Link Crew leaders don’t set aside time to talk to their mentees, meaning that communication with leaders can be difficult.

    Still, not all students will have both the same experience and interaction with Link Crew.

    Obviously, the accessibility and comfortability students have towards their Link Crew leader differs with everyone else’s relationship.

    At the end of the day, the deciding factor is the Link Crew leader themselves.

There are leaders who are self-interested and there are leaders who genuinely care. Everyone’s experience with Link Crew is not the

same, and one good or bad experience shouldn’t define the quality of everyone in the program. In all honesty, I believe that a situation is all that you make of it, and that it is not fair to polarize the members of Link Crew as either selfish or selfless, there is always an in-between.


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