An interesting Prospect

Sofia Alfano, Staff Writer

September 22, 2017

     Prospect Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Redlands with a history of mysterious occurrences and alleged hauntings. Many people have claimed to have seen ghosts in the park around the theater area, the orange groves, and the bamboo forest.

     The most recent mishap at Prospect Park was the arrest of a 34-year-old man who murdered a woman and dumped her body in the park. The victim was working as a prostitute in San Bernardino around the time she was raped and murdered. (KTLA). DNA evidence from this case linked to another 2003 kidnapping and rape case of an unknown person by the same attacker.

     Rumors of a murder at Prospect Park can be dated back to 1967, where allegedly a young school girl was buried after a brutal attack in Prospect Park by her attacker. She allegedly cut through the orange groves while she was walking home from school. There have been reported ghost sightings of this same young school girl holding her books and walking around barefoot at Prospect. (Inside the Empire).

     Murders and ghost sightings are not the only questionable deeds happening at Prospect. It is rumored to be a by prime location for Satan worshippers. It is rumored that Satan worshippers walk around the orange groves chanting and lighting fires at nighttime.

     The theater is another location of Prospect that supposedly has many supernatural occurrences; visitors have claimed to have seen the seats open and close by themselves and hear footsteps running across the stage. There is rumor that a teenage girl was killed behind the stage, causing these supernatural occurrences.

     Redlands has a history of frightening murders. In 1952, Redlands High School junior Kathryn ‘Katie’ Knodel was abducted from her home and taken to Palm Springs where she was raped and beaten to death.

     Another Redlands murder occurred in 1998 when 14 year old Tristan Jensen went missing and was found six weeks later in a sewer. Jensen was murdered by his acquaintance John Proctor Ramsen, a 15 year old who spent his time torturing and killing animals, who stabbed him and left his body in the sewer. Ramsen later confessed to stabbing Jensen after a heated argument and threw his body in the sewer during broad daylight.

     Prospect Park has used their spooky location to their advantage in the past; Kimberly Crest was the location of a 1981 slasher horror film titled Hell Night. Hell Night is a film that depicts a night of fraternity hazing where a maniac terrorizes the students; Kimberly Crest was used for the exterior shots of the mansion.

     Kimberly Crest’s exterior has also appeared in Fleetwood Mac’s music video for “Big Love” in 1987. Film shooting opportunities at Kimberly Crest is much more selective now because of the influx of fans coming Inland to visit.

     There are other eerie locations in Redlands as well such as the Morey Mansion. Morey Mansion was built in 1890 by Sarah and David Morey. While living in the house, Sarah died of an illness and within a year David had hung himself in his room.

     When it was a bed and breakfast, guests of the Morey Mansion have reported paranormal activity such as the sounds of children playing, having door knobs rattle in the middle of the night, and ghost sightings. The Morey Mansion is now a private residence.

     Barton Mansion is another mansion famous for ghostly activity, it was made famous by paranormal investigators in 2001. People often hear footsteps, have an intense feeling of being watched, and see a demonic face that appears throughout the house

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